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The Redline Classic Warm is a World Cup quality classic ski for racing in warmer conditions with klister or covered klister, or as an all-around ski for enjoying the trails. This ski is at it’s best with slightly thicker wax applications, which can mean klister, covered klister, or stickier hardwaxes depending on the snow conditions. The pressure zones are medium to short in length compared to our other Redline Classic offerings, which provides the best glide in the largest range of snow conditions. As with all our other Redline classic skis, the camber of the Redline Classic Warm is developed to react dynamically to the force you generate. The wax pocket is designed to remain open during double poling for near-frictionless glide, and to close symmetrically from both the front and the rear of the pocket. Doing so means that your kicking force is better distributed across the whole wax zone helping to maximize the total grip force that can be generated, resulting in better grip the harder you kick!

Redline Classic Warm Ski

$720.00 Regular Price
$432.00Sale Price
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